Wednesday Ramblings

Wednesday Ramblings…

So last night I had a super sweets craving.  Of course I have nothing here because if it is here… I eat it.  So after sitting here and whining to myself, I remememberes I had a recipe to make a brownie from protein powder.  But I didn’t have the right ingredients (had comparable stuff for the most part)… And I couldn’t find a measuring spoon.  So I’m all, I’ll just eyeball this can’t be that hard.  Mix it up… Taste the batter.  Tastes great.  Yeah I should have just drunk the batter because once I tried the brownie… I spit it out without even trying to chew it.  Super fail.  It was AWFUL.

So someone I know, has a boyfriend that works for a nutrition/supplement store.  We were talking about protein powders, she uses them, he sells them, yadda yadda.  I mentioned that I don’t go to that store, I use amazon, because I checked online, and I didn’t see my brand in their listing (optimum nutrition gold standard 100% whey) so she texts him to see if they carry it.  He proceeds to tell her to tell me that they carry it but it’s crap. I’m sorry I am not about to buy your expensive designer proteins when I have found something I like, that was highly recommended to me by several people that know their stuff.  People and their attitude amaze me, and in my opinion everyone has their favorite protein powder that they will defend to the death.

No gym today, my work and sitter schedule won’t allow for it.  I’m thinking I can go tomorrow though, but I need to get up and do something here and not just be lazy.  I also need to get up and make breakfast.  I just can not get moving this morning.  I am NOT a morning person at all.  Even my kids know not to mess with me in the mornings.  

Have a great day!