Date Hook Up Fun

Date Hook Up Fun

 Or why I don’t recommend date hook up for anything serious…

There are probably a hundred different dating sites on the web at the least.  Some are definitely better than others… When I joined date hook up it wasn’t because I actually hoped to meet someone on there.  To be honest I joined it for shits and giggles.  I was a member on there almost two years ago and it was *almost* passable as a dating site.  Now it’s pretty much the bottom of the barrel looking for hook ups and men that are angry that women won’t talk to them.  The site actually does have a kinda nice set up.  It has message boards, a running time line of members in your area where messages can be posted, a rate my photo area and so on.  Then you start receiving messages and you run crying back to plenty of fish….

Here’s a few of my most winning messages.

At least he is honest…



Not happening

No…no I don’t 


A gerbil you say.

For the heck of it I actually responded to the sugar daddy.  He says he just does t have time for a real relationship…(I asked why he would want that type of arrangement) In all honesty I doubt that he has that kind of money. Even if he did I’m not looking for that.  


Oh and remember how I mentioned the timeline and how it’s a cool concept, I mean it lets you see members and learn a little more about them.  Like this guy…..

Not only is he illiterate he sounds like such a winner….

Then we have this one…

Couldn’t possibly be him that’s the problem…

Anyways if you are looking for a hook up, you might really succeed at date hook up… If you want something serious, I would try another dating site.