Not that it’s a big deal…

But Clark Kent totally took me to a Halloween party…


Not really, but yeah we had a really good time. Spent pretty much the whole weekend together. Went to the gym this morning, then I took the kids to a church Halloween party.






A thousand words…

To go with the picture…
Ok well maybe not a thousand words, but I’m not going to count to see. The photobomber would be my boyfriend. We were wrapping up a bicep workout and while he was was doing his last set I was off to the side taking selfies and he noticed and decided to jump in. He has mastered my faces and poses since day 1. We always have a good time and we workout well together…. He lets me lead the workout and is completely cool with me being able to outlift on a few things.

The true guy stuff I don’t stand a chance, but the more fine tuned endurance stuff… He attempted the lat raise pyramid I do for my shoulders and back (15 reps at 10lbs 10 reps at 15 lbs 5 reps and 20lbs 10 reps at 15lbs and 15 reps at 10lbs only stopping long enough to switch dumbbells)…. He tried…. Hard. For me, that’s not so much about being able to lift that weight, as building up to being able to do that many continuous reps. I love the burn and the pump I get from that. Throw in a play raise drop set immediately after that and your shoulders will be annihilated.

He has invited me to his Lt.s Halloween party this month. I’m clueless on costumes… I haven’t dressed up in 13 years? He’s going as Clark Kent and suggested I go as Lois? I don’t know? I don’t even know where to start for that one. I’m excited that he invited me and wants me to meet more of his friends (he took me to a bonfire two weeks ago). He’s also going with me next weekend to a haunted house with my friends and coworkers. And he’s has met my parents but that was more coincidental. Just happened to be basically crossing paths.

I’m not used to being introduced to people’s friends. Most of my exes tried to not introduce me or kept it limited… That should have been a huge red flag I don’t know why it wasn’t at the time. It almost bothers me more (mentally) when someone wants me to meet people. It just seems out of the norm since so many before made it seem like a bad thing. When I mentioned it to C, he was like why wouldn’t I want you to be where I am and get to know my friends, it makes sense, I want him to do stuff with me and my friends too, and he wants to, it’s just that everyone before was just so against it (again, red flags).

He seems to truly be a good guy. His armory was handing out extra school supplies over the weekend and he picked up a bag for each of my kids. I need to sit down and ration that stuff out and hide the extras or it will be EVERYWHERE in my house.

Anyways I am super excited to see where this goes. I think he is absolutely amazing. We have fun and we are a lot alike… We have differences too, in good ways. Hopefully this is the start of something good.


Finally Free

Finally Free…


Saw this in the mirror today and kinda teared up. Had a moment of who the heck is this girl and where did she come from. The last 5 years have probably been some of the hardest of my life. To know that 5 years ago that I had to make hard decisions for me and my children and to be strong enough to not go back, and to not wind up in another abusive relationship and to see where I am now and know where I started, and to know that I have won, is so amazing. To have started this journey 5 years ago as this weak scared person that was terrified to sleep in her own home, that would have never stood up for herself, done for herself, into becoming this person who holds her head high and isn’t scared any more… It’s just an amazing feeling. I feel free finally.