new workout additions…

New Workout Additions…

So I lucked I to t25 and p90x brand new at an extremely discounted price, so u have decided (especially for this summer) to supplement my gym workouts with these programs at home.  I watched/did some of the t25 today and they thankfully have a low impact modifier, which is awesome because I know my foot isn’t totally healed.  I’m not a huge fan of the at home work out type schemes or what I call the designer workouts (the have a fantastic but/amazing legs/tank too arms but doing this for 30 days type stuff.). I think they all have a place and can work well as part of a larger program, but in my opinion doing that, and that alone, is going to do nothing. It’s a great place to start even, but to truly burn and change your shape, you need more.  Not to mention you can’t continue to eat junk either, but that’s a whole ‘nother tangent I could go off on.

Anyways.  I know I was all hey, I’m going to take July easy, but did anyone actually think I would? I really meant to, but working out is like an addiction to me.  I love how I feel during I love how I feel after.  I love seeing the amazing results. In reality, I am going to take July a lot easier than March, April, and May.  I am not able to out in as much gym time with the kids being out of school, and my body does need some recovery time, but I need to keep moving. I need to keep active.  I’m not going to benefit in any way shape or form from taking a month to sit on my butt and gain weight back and lose my progress.  My current plan is not to follow the DVDs to a T but to use them as needed to work an area I’m not able to get to as much as I need at the gym.  Like abs and cardio.  I never get to abs past a good core workout, and my cardio.. Well I get wrapped up in legs or arms on the weights and sometimes run out of time.  I also tend to do a lot of heavier weights at the gym, and this will give me a chance to tone using some 5lb weights and resistance bands on my off days.  I think some faster low weight high rep type work outs will really make my arm definition pop more.  

I had really been putting a lot of focus into my triceps when I started working out.  They were probably the most under developed part of my arms.  I want to keep working them out, but it want to replace the extra tricep work with something more for my upper back and shoulders.  I’m also thinking of backing off my calves some and replacing that with some extra hip work.  I REALLY need to focus on my squats and stretch and get my squats deeper. I’m not ready for ass to the grass deep but I really need to get set into them more and I think that will shape me up a lot quicker. 

Adding some extra carbs back in has been interesting.  I’m also having a hard time backing away from the cheat foods I had been allowing for about a week.  I don’t know why, but yesterday, I just could not get full.  I ended up having hibachi (chicken, steak, and rice and maybe a chocolate chip cookie or three) at like 9 last night a. Because I was starving and b. because I was in a bad mood and having a pity party.  Not that that can’t ever happen, but it can’t happen as frequently as it used to.  I’m just one of these people that when I eat late I gain weight quickly. I don’t really ever see that changing for me, but I just have to keep myself in check and remind myself that it’s ok once a month but a few times a week will catch up to me quickly.