case of the blahs…

Case of the Blahs…

We are at that point in summer where it rains all the time.  The sun hasn’t come out enough in days to be able to get outside and do anything.  Which means the kids are absolutely while which leads to this.



That my friends would be the living room tv… Well was the living room tv.  I had been on the kids case all morning long to stop throwing things in the house.  Of course no one listened until my youngest killed the tv throwing a bottle of lotion at my oldest.  It has been determined already that they all 3 will be working off the cost of a new tv until the end of time.  Fortunately, my dad came to the rescue and replaced it because I honestly don’t have the kind of money laying around.  I will have to pay him back, but for now he took care of it.

I went to the gym yesterday and absolutely killed a back and bicep work out.  I’m still feeling it today and was honestly wondering if I had killed myself when I left the gym yesterday.  Back and bicep is my least favorite day, probably because it is my weakest area.  I enjoy it, don’t get me wrong, but I’d much rather do leg day any day over back and bicep.  I was hoping to get in a chest and tricep work out today, but I’m thinking that I’m not going to be able to get to the gym due to lack of child care.  The kids go back to school in about 3 weeks and I am making a hard 12 week push after that.  I am hoping to lose 20-30lbs over the next 15 weeks. It’s going to be tricky, I’m trying to tone up and lose fat at the same time, so some weeks I show gains (swelling and water) and then it’s like I have 5lbs just disappear over night.  I’m less concerned with the scale and more how I look and feel.  I’m watching my measurements closely too, because over the last few weeks I haven’t lost any weight but my waist has come in almost 2 inches.  The scale is honestly such an evil tool.  There’s good and bad to it but it doesn’t really reveal the truth.

The angles are a smidge off in the pics, but I can see some progress since June 12(left on the first pic) and yesterday (right) and then the top on the second was early July and bottom which was yesterday as well… This month I have eaten 30g more carbs per day as well as 300 additional calories from when I was making a hard push, so the fact that there is any difference is great because I have just been focusing on maintaining this month.