Killing Time…

We just finished up at dollywood, and my mom came and drove, so I have some time to kill since I’m not driving. I don’t remember the last thing I wrote about, so as of Sunday I am down 7 pounds from week 6. I hadn’t show any loss in a few weeks so while 7lbs in one week is a lot, it had been building for awhile. I’m pretty certain most of it came off of my butt. Nothing I can do about that but work harder to build muscle there, or at least maintain what is there.

C and I went to a haunted house this weekend, I had never been to one before and we had a lot of fun.

I think he is planning on starting a 6 week shred some time soon? I don’t think he has any desire to compete just wants to lose the last few pounds he’s been hanging on to. I think he looks great how he is but I would never tell anyone not to strive to better themself. Should be interesting. We generally already work out together once or twice a week.

Anyways here is my current progress pictures



The grey and grey is week 6&7
This weeks back pictures


And a tricep shot with a bonus minion





Let me start off by saying, that I’m really not sure what direction this entry is going to take. It’s been awhile since I have had a full real entry. The last week has sucked.  I had a very long day filled with multiple dentists and oral surgeons (I have a huge dental phobia.  That poor hygienist… I was bawling before she even touched me) only to find out I don’t have a massive cavity eating it’s way into my skull and it seems I just clench my teeth while I sleep and the prescribed me a muscle relaxer at night. I go back for a follow up in two weeks and we go from there.

Between my work schedule and sitters I haven’t been to the gym but once in the last week.  I’m getting twitchy, but have been doing cardio at home until yesterday when I came down with a migraine so bad that I got to know my toilet on a very up close and personal basis.  It was still lingering this morning so I didn’t make it to the gym nor have I done cardio today.  My diet has also sucked because I haven’t felt like eating so it’s just kinda been if I feel like eating it then eat it because any calorie is better than no calories at this point.

I took down most of my dating profiles last week because I wasn’t getting interest from anyone I was remotely interested in and I haven’t been able to make time for people I am interested in.  For some reason guys don’t like it when you tell them “I can’t I have to go to the gym” .  I left date hook up just for the shiggles.  Gotta have some laughs somewhere.  If I can get a sitter, I do have a date Saturday night I think.

So I got a text the other night from someone I don’t know.  They know my number and my name and have my picture.  Not really sure how and they don’t know how either.  Conversation was kinda like this

Random person (RP) who is this?

Me: who is this you texted me.

Me: is my number in your phone or did you get it out of someone else’s and just want to know who they are talking to

RP: this is jake and your name and number are in my phone.  A picture too.

Me: oh are you jake from State Farm?

RP: uh no

No sense of humor I tell you.  I still haven’t figured out how they know me because I don’t know them.  I don’t remember the tattoos I’m the shirtless pic they sent or the pic of them in uniform.  They don’t know my ex either.  We talked for a few hours trying to figure it out and the pic they have is of me.  I took the pic on my birthday so I remember it.   I’m still wondering about it, but I’m just glad that since they have a pic of me that it means my number probably isn’t written on a bathroom stall somewhere.

Last week I sat down a rewrote and broke up my workouts a little differently for awhile.  I’m still starting out with a good strong core workout but broke it down into a leg day, a chest/tri day and a back/bi day.  Once the kids are in school I’ll have 4-5 days I can easily get to the gym instead of just 2 or 3 and I can’t wait, but for now I am happy with that.  My arm days were just to scattered and unfocused.  I did a bunch of research and added new specific exercises with the dumb bells in.  I think I am going to see a lot of progress out of the new break down and focus. Once a week I am replacing my modified dead lift with upright rows instead also.  I’m also swapping my bent over rows for upright rows once a week.  Keeping squats as an every workout thing and dowing lunges once or twice a week.  I spent a couple of hours (yes hours) Saturday, reading, talking, researching my squats.  I wasn’t happy with not being able to get my squat lower.  It was effective enough, but could have been more where it was, so with the help of friends and other resources, we have widened my stance and angled my feet slightly differently and I am able to safely get a lot lower.  Can’t wait to try it with some weight behind it. 

Anyways I leave you with pictures.

I love the definition I am getting in my calves!