December update

I’ve picked two shows, but I need to get the exact dates for them. The first one I below is in June, and the second will be in August. I’m still wiffle waffling between whether to compete in bikini or figure. I’ve made a lot more progress over the last 14 weeks than I had noticed.

I just don’t see me leaning out like a bikini girl. I see figure. I still have a ways to go but I am getting there.
I had an amazing leg workout day before yesterday..





Then I did back and biceps yesterday… I’ve been in the gym 12 of the last 14 days. Today is a rest day.
I’m starting to get back up above body weight on some of my exercises finally. I pulled a 140lb dead lift for 4 reps for the first time too.






I was having one of those mornings where I didn’t really want to get dressed and go to the gym. I’ve felt slightly frustrated lately because as I get closer to my ultimate goal, the weight is definitely more stubborn and harder to lose. I hadn’t worn this tank in months because the kids had shoved it somewhere and I found it while gathering laundry this week, and I got a great reminded of why I should look at the big picture instead of just the week to week. Just because the scale isn’t moving fast, doesn’t mean progress isn’t being made. Over all it turned into a great gym day =)





Tonight I need to sit down and clearly write out my expectations and goals for myself… I’m having a hard time sticking to a diet plan/meal plan that I know works for me because I’ve been just bla, and there is very easy access to junk food constantly at work. I know how to do it. I have done it. I can do it. I’m just in a funk. I’ve set a goal to compete sometime around July of next year… Narrowing it down to a specific show is what I’m currently working on.

I’m also trying to learn to balance work, gym, and a relationship. It makes me nervous, but in at a point where I need closeness and companionship right now, and he has fit into my life seamlessly, enjoys going to the gym with me as well. So we will see =)

I did a stupid…

I went and got a great chest and tricep workout with the guy I’m dating two days ago? Was able to get the 40s up for two good sets of dumbbell benches, with help getting them into place so I didn’t kill myself, managed to not cause any new bruises this week on that exercise. Moved to the smith to do some flat bench presses on it. Knocked those out, had a few minutes decided for the heck of it I wanted to show him my calf extension. Loaded the bar up to 330 which I have done several times before with absolutely no problem… I don’t know if I have mentioned this before, but I go to planet fitness. Home of the lunk alarm. If you don’t know what it is, it is worth s Google or youtube search…

Now here is what I know. I KNOW that my foot position was off by about half an inch, and any guy will tell you a half of an inch matters, even if they don’t lift. What I don’t know is if my back was just tired, or if it was too weak, or over worked, but I got it up off the smith, got one rep, got two reps, I normally can do 12-15 reps at 330, but on the third rep, something happened and down I went with 330lbs. I was laughing. Everyone in the place saw it happen, everyone in the place heard it happen. The staff set off the lunk alarm… Twice, just in case anyone missed it. I had a couple of people come up to me to make sure I was ok, my guy wasn’t really sure what to think after making sure I was ok. We laughed about it pretty good.

I was kinda sore immediately after, nothing major, woke up feeling like I was hit by a car. My knee is scraped to hell, my arms and knees are bruised up, and my back is very sore but no point tenderness or swelling. Woke up this morning with my knee slightly puffy and pretty bruised. I landed on it funny when I fell. Fortunately I didn’t fight it when I started to fall and just went with it. Took a rest day yesterday. Totally skipped leg day this week. There is not a single chance I can work my quad on the leg I hurt or do anything that moves that knee. I am really hoping the extra bruising this morning drained down from the sore quad and isn’t coming from my knee. I did get back in the gym this morning and trained shoulders and traps with a smidge of lat work. I got back on the smith and worked my calves up to a 90lb extension just to get back on the proverbial horse instead of running scared from it. I definitely set the safety higher and will continue to as I slowly work my weight back up on those, but I’ll be taking it easy for awhile. I do not want a repeat performance.


Personal bests…

Personal Bests…

One of my favorite things to do on the period of time before I go to bed now is to watch motivational videos on YouTube… Both plain motivation and sports and body building motivation. It’s amazing how much some of those words stand out in your head when you need them the most. That moment when one last rep seems impossible. When you don’t want to do that last 5 minutes of cardio. When you are wondering if you can put any more weight to that bar. When you are scared to fail. You know what? FAIL. It is okay to fail. The only way you can fail is if you try, and if you keep trying and keep failing one day you will succeed. Even if you don’t you have the knowledge that you didn’t stop. Ever. You kept getting back up and when you look at it that way, did you ever really fail?

When I started working with weights last April, I had a friend go with me to show me some things and get me on the right track. One thing he had me doing was a smith machine bench press. To be honest I could barely move the bar. It’s not an exercise I am totally comfortable with doing without someone to help spot me, even with the safety’s, so when I started really focusing my workouts in July, I decided to add a dumbbell bench press to my exercises. I remember the first time I did it, it felt so awkward and unsteady, that I stuck with two 10lb Dumbbells. It was easy, but just didn’t feel like I should up the weight (I’m looking at my workout notes to get the weights right as I write this). The second time I did it a week later, I went up to 15 and 20 lb weights and the 20s were so wobbly and all over the place, but I would steady myself and keep going. A week later I got the 25s up and then the next I got some partial sets up with the 30s failing at 6 and 8 reps. The next few weeks I tried and tried to even lift the 35s up over my head and couldn’t even get them up to where I could start to push them up. Today, after two or three weeks of just trying to get those suckers up, I got a set of 8 AND a full set of 12 in.
The feeling, past total exhaustion of those muscles, was absolutely amazing. To know that I worked my butt off for that moment AND achieved it? Absolutely indescribable. I might have possibly wrote #beastmode in my notes. I can neither confirm not deny that though.

I also recently discovered drop sets. Um wow. Those suckers… They make you work. I’m loving incorporating them into my workouts. I’ve also made a lot of little refining tweaks and am loving those as well. I’m feeling the burn better and I am dialing in my muscle focus too. My instincts are improving and I’m starting to be able to notice when something is off and how to adjust it so the movement works in the correct area.

what are some goals you have set for yourself?

The back pictures left to right is June, early august, and sept 2




Transformation Tuesday

Transformation Tuesday…
The changes I have spent the last 8 months working on, haven’t been purely physical. It has been a mental battle too, beyond just the” I want cake you can’t have cake but I want cake you can’t have cake” type. I’ve had to focus really hard on changing my train of thought from a negative one to a positive one. An I CAN do that attitude. Sunday, the more weight I stacked on the bar for my calf extensions, this stupid voice kept trying to creep into my head, if you include the bar, I was moving over double my body weight, saying there is no way you are going to even get your feet off the ground to move it off the rack. Then the other little voice in my head was like yeah well you can shut up now. I really had to stomp down the naysayer in my head and focus. Focus on the fact that I CAN do it and was going to do it. Focus on the right places to hold my tension, and when to breathe.

It’s when you let that little voice, whether it’s yours, or someone else’s, get into your head that you start to self doubt. I believe it was Arnold Schwarzenegger that said (paraphrasing) your mind will quit before your body is ready, and I have found that to be so true. Can you really not do 15 minutes cardio, or do you not want to. Can you physically not lift up one more rep, or are you just tired and want to quit?

Cardio is probably my least favorite thing to do ever. I think after I lifted today I screwed around in the locker room for 10 or 15 minutes avoiding it. My torture device of the day was the elliptical. When I first started working out a year ago, I was doing only cardio (and I remember it was a year ago because I was going trough a break up and i decided to get hot and show him.. Yeah that lasted about 3 weeks before I gave up). I would do about and hour to an hour and a half of cardio 3-4 times a week. I would do 30 on the treadmill, 5 on the elliptical because I was convinced I was dying, 10-20 on the arc trainer half way trying compared to what I do now, and then I would park my butt on that dumb bicycle I hate and suffer for 30 minutes. Yeah 5 minutes on the elliptical. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Looking back could I have done more? Heck yes, but I had convinced myself that I couldn’t. I’ll be honest, today after 15 minutes I wanted to quit, but at 15 I talked myself into 5 more, then at 20 I was like well I’ll quit at 25, 25 came around and mentally this little voice was like if you quit now the only person you are cheating is yourself. So true. I pushed out the last 5 minutes and was able to stop without feeling any regret or like I could have done better. That satisfaction is the absolute best feeling in the world.

In other news. I happened across a boy and “training” his girlfriend at the gym today. I use training loosely… He was in sandals and khakis… And when she picked up 10 pound weights to do curls with he told her to go use the 5 pound ones so she didn’t get “big”. I wouldn’t have paid them ANY attention had they not set up so close to my bench that I couldn’t even use both sides of it for the dumbbell rows I was doing. Then they went over to the cables and did i don’t know what, I did notice them on the smith machine bench pressing and he wouldn’t let her add any weight to the bars. Some people have absolutely no business “helping”.
A few from today
The pink and pink is may and today
The purple and pink was last week and today. Lots of week to week pictures will be coming over the next 11 weeks lol


IMG_1056.JPG put




I came across this on Dana Linn Baileys Instagram earlier today 

<a href=””>Dana Linn Bailey on confidence</a>


I strongly recommend this to everyone to read and watch.  It doesn’t matter what your fitness goal are.  What you want to achieve, what you want to become, you need to be confident I. Yourself and be proud of who you are how you are.  Don’t let anyone take that from you. Ever. Period.


Fun Stats

Fun Stats…

I recorded my first workout in my notebook on April 18, 2014

It was a leg day

I maxed my leg press at 80lbs that day

I maxed my sitting calf extensions at 60lbs

My hip adductions and abductions were at 70lbs

Leg curls were at 40lbs

Leg extensions were also 40lbs

Three months later on July 17 my first full strength leg day after my broken foot

I maxed my hip adductions and abductions at 210 lbs

My leg press was 190lbs

My sitting calf extension 230lbs

Leg curls 80lbs (personal best 95 but technique was meh I’ve really focused on range of motion and have dropped the weight some)

Leg ext 75lbs(personal best 95)

At some point I added in standing calf extensions right before I broke my foot and I was at 160 lbs. I dropped way down while my foot was healing, but YESTERDAY I hit a new personal best of 170 lbs for 15 reps.

I wish I could post all my note book entries, but I have made so much progress. My arm days are so much stronger as well. I love seeing all my workouts written down and flip through my notes and progress. I will never ever throw my shoulder work out in with my back and bicep day again. It was just too much all together. I’m feeling it today for sure!