YouTube channel

I started my 20(ish) week prep yesterday! I made a YouTube channel under AshleyStAndrews to document and track my progress!






Switched gyms!

I’ll still be hitting the planet up for a few things for awhile, but I made the switch yesterday to gold gym. I’m excited to see what I can improve on since I can add in more things.



So I have my boyfriends military ball coming up in oh a week… And I decided to put off dress shopping oh until today… Which was better than my original plan of next Tuesday. I was also on a super tight budget of keeping it under $50 which for a super formal event is laughable. Then I ran into the problem of a. I’m between sizes. B. My upper back is so developed from lifting it needs 1 size
Larger than my waist. C. My shoulders are so developed, it needs 2 sizes larger than my waist… Oh and I’m only 5’1″. The struggle it’s real. So I narrowed it down to two dresses…
One that was supposed to be totally fitted, but was loose around the middle but mostly for across the back enough that I was fairly confident it wouldn’t fall down but I would probably have to try to take it in some myself.
Or a dress that was very snug but has no other issues, but now that I think about it, sitting may not be an option…
So yeah we are stepping up the cardio and cutting out all the carbs for the next 7 days…
The crazy thing is these dresses are smaller than the one I wore to my junior prom (I think the same size as my sophomore valentines dance dress) and waaaaaaaay smaller than the dress I got married in





Some work out pics










I was having one of those mornings where I didn’t really want to get dressed and go to the gym. I’ve felt slightly frustrated lately because as I get closer to my ultimate goal, the weight is definitely more stubborn and harder to lose. I hadn’t worn this tank in months because the kids had shoved it somewhere and I found it while gathering laundry this week, and I got a great reminded of why I should look at the big picture instead of just the week to week. Just because the scale isn’t moving fast, doesn’t mean progress isn’t being made. Over all it turned into a great gym day =)




Killing Time…

We just finished up at dollywood, and my mom came and drove, so I have some time to kill since I’m not driving. I don’t remember the last thing I wrote about, so as of Sunday I am down 7 pounds from week 6. I hadn’t show any loss in a few weeks so while 7lbs in one week is a lot, it had been building for awhile. I’m pretty certain most of it came off of my butt. Nothing I can do about that but work harder to build muscle there, or at least maintain what is there.

C and I went to a haunted house this weekend, I had never been to one before and we had a lot of fun.

I think he is planning on starting a 6 week shred some time soon? I don’t think he has any desire to compete just wants to lose the last few pounds he’s been hanging on to. I think he looks great how he is but I would never tell anyone not to strive to better themself. Should be interesting. We generally already work out together once or twice a week.

Anyways here is my current progress pictures



The grey and grey is week 6&7
This weeks back pictures


And a tricep shot with a bonus minion



That should be in”” because what exactly is normal? It’s some obscure numbers that doctors have put together when it comes to your bmi based off height and weight which is extremely outdated but still used. Today is the first time in 12 years I can say I’m “normal” or that I could go to a doctor and not be told I’m overweight. Based off physical appearance and clothing size, I haven’t considered myself overweight in awhile but this stupid obscure chart has, so to finally hit this obscure idea of “normal” is a great moment. I’m not sure what happened but after not losing a single pound for a month, I had 7lbs drop off this week getting me over the hump I was stuck on. I’m estimating that I have 15 maybe 20 more pounds if you want to get nitpicky before I hit the leanness I want to see. I’ll be watching the scale, but mostly relying on pictures from this point out to know when I’m going to start a small bulk. Anyways! Just wanted to share this exciting moment! And since its flex Friday, I flexed my back for a bit this morning!




Ch ch ch chaaaanges

Nothing super major. Swapped my main preworkout (platinum pre) for amino energy and saving the platinum pre for days I train after work or when I’m totally exhausted. I’m also going to try some silk amino acids post work out and have added in a small amount of creatine. I am expecting to see a small gain of water weight from that, but am interested to see what other gains come with it.

After 3-4 weeks of showing no loss, I had 4lbs drop off in 2 days. Despite the lack of loss, I have leaned out a lot. Except my shoulders where over the last 6 weeks I have put on 3 inches around. So not complaining about that I have been lifting my butt off. I’m down almost 5 inches at the most narrow part of my waist. I’ve taken an inch off my hips, and more than I want to admit has come off my chest.

Anyways picture time!




week 1 and week 6^



1 month difference


From today’s workout (I have a cold and pushed through and it sucked but I’m glad I did it.

Pre workout



During workout



After lifting and cardio





Insert title here..

I’m obviously feeling extra witty today. I’ve just been my own worst enemy lately. Not really certain what’s up, but I’ve just been in this stubborn funk and want to sit here and eat carbs and Halloween candy. The problem isn’t so much that I want to eat one piece of the candy, the problem is I want to eat the whole bag of given the chance. I haven’t gained any weight which is fine, but I have clearly plateaued and probably eating close to maintenance calories which isn’t bad, but it isn’t going to achieve what I want. It also makes me grumpy and sluggish when I eat too much junk. I think some of it is I have been pushing so hard for 10 months now? And super hard for 6 months? I think my brain just hit the point of needing a break. I’m making a conscious effort to get my train back on the tracks. If I don’t buy it, I don’t eat it, so I just need to stop making excuses to buy it and my kids are going to have to suck it up too.

I’m slowly recovering from my fall last week at the gym. I tweaked my back up bad and I’ve been in a pissy mood. I’m 99% sure it’s just in the muscles and have been using a heat wrap at night and in the morning to loosen the muscles and it is greatly helping. I also scraped my knee up and today is the first day it is able to move freely without pulling at the scab. Tried to do some legs today and it just wasn’t ready… Hoping next week I will be good to go. I also need to hop back on the cardio train.

Training wise everything else has been awesome. I’m up to two good solid, controlled sets of chest presses with the 40lb dumb bells. I can get the up on my own now and get them down without bruising the crap out of my legs. My guy went with me last week and spotted me and this week something just clicked and it was second nature and no struggle.

I have a guy I am seriously seeing now. You could probably safely call him my boyfriend, he does. Total sweetheart, I really like him and he slid into my life effortlessly. He isn’t a gym rat, but he knows his way around the gym and likes to go with me when he can. He is totally cool with me showing him up. I guarantee on biceps he would beat me, but shoulders/chest/calves he has accepted that I train them harder I think. He jokes that before me he only used to train biceps. I don’t care either way, he can train however he wants, we have different goals and needs so we don’t have to train the same ways.

I had some importantish blood work done week before last which has also had me kind of stressed out. The results FINALLY came back today and it was all negative, so I can breathe easier again. I do need to schedule a general physical but I’m happy I had the blood work done. I had put it off way way too long.

June to now. My shoulders are at least 2 inches bigger around and my forearms have made some gains too






Tonight I need to sit down and clearly write out my expectations and goals for myself… I’m having a hard time sticking to a diet plan/meal plan that I know works for me because I’ve been just bla, and there is very easy access to junk food constantly at work. I know how to do it. I have done it. I can do it. I’m just in a funk. I’ve set a goal to compete sometime around July of next year… Narrowing it down to a specific show is what I’m currently working on.

I’m also trying to learn to balance work, gym, and a relationship. It makes me nervous, but in at a point where I need closeness and companionship right now, and he has fit into my life seamlessly, enjoys going to the gym with me as well. So we will see =)