Delt Homicide…

Delt Homicide…
My bestie gave up a long time ago on convincing me I train to hard. I love him to death, and he has come to accept that my plan works for me and what I want to achieve. And I listened to him and backed off the extra leg days. He had a point there. I’ll never admit that to him though. Ever. So not happy with last weeks shoulder work out being too heavy on the lats, especially since I do a lot of lat work on my back day, I stumbled into Dana Linn Baileys delt homicide workout on . Always up for the challenge I wrote out a workout plan using all the exercises without supersetting the stuff like she had. Partially because I do have to lift my arms all day at work tomorrow, and partially because planet fitness hates me enough without doing an hour of super sets.

I am absolutely in love with the delt homicide work out. I also warmed up with some Arnold’s just because I love them and finished it up with some under the leg lat/delt raises. I felt absolutely amazing after. Then when I tried to keep my hands on the top of the steering wheel to drive home, I figured out why she calls is delt homicide. There is no way I won’t feel this tomorrow.

As of this morning I am also 4 lbs away from the weight I graduated highschool at!





Drop Sets

Drop sets…

I have a new love. It’s name is drop set. The burn. The glorious burn. Who knew that I could work my body so hard that 25lbs could be hard to move. I mean when you think about it, it makes sense. If I start out at 25lbs it’s super simple no burn. If I start out at 80 and work my way down over 5 sets… It’s amazing. I love them. I think it cut maybe 15 minutes off my leg day because I wasn’t screwing around between sets? It’s nice to mix things up and keep the body guessing.

what have you discovered on your fitness journey that has helped you improve?

something happier…

Something Happier…

For the first time in 11 years I wore a true two piece bikini to the pool.  I don’t know why, but it have always felt more comfortable in a string bikini than a more traditional one with thick straps.  Also at the beginning of July I took some pics in the mirror of my back to see if I could make some progress and I am very pleased with the month of progress, especially since I was eating near maintenance calories and higher carbs.

It’s really going to boil down to diet and cardio to tone up that middle back, but it is getting there.

Getting better shape I’m the back too