well I had ideas…

Well I Had Ideas…

I had several ideas of things to write about today and then my 5 year old realized I was the only person home and continues to talk to me and be all wild and crazy.  That will really kill a train of thought, especially when the train is derailed as easily as mine is.  I have the attention span of a gnat.  If it wasn’t for headphones at the gym, I would get absolutely nothing done,

My friend, bless his heart, somehow got it in my head that my fitness journey was for him and the conversation went something like this…

You know I would still love you if you ate whatever you wanted and never went to the gym right.

I know babe… I’m doing this for me.

Ok I’m just making sure… You really don’t have to push yourself so hard.  I would love you no matter what weight you are.

I know.  I love you no matter what you look like too, but really I’m doing this for me.. I wouldn’t have been able to lose 60 lbs if I was doing it for you.

When I first started talking to him 3 years ago I was about 180/185, and I had dieted for so many wrong reasons and gotten absolutely nowhere.  I maybe lost 5 lbs and then would put 10lbs back on.  I also had the mindset of you can spot tone and do and until you want to die and only lose weight in your stomach… Yeah that works well… Or not at all.  The first few times we planned to meet and it fell through, I busted ass to lose weight for him and each time I would fail.  Just like when my ex and I broke up last year and I was going to lose weight to make him want me back.  That worked well too… Or not al all.  In reality I lost 15lbs starving myself and then put 25 back on.

I really don’t know the exact moment that I decided to do it for me.  I know I got tired of being “average”.  Tired of my clothes not fitting.  Tired of always hurting and being tired.  I started by eliminating soda.  Then I cut out the sports drinks.  I lost probably 15 pounds in a week and a half just by doing that alone.  Then I started over doing the cardio, which go me nowhere in the past.  I don’t think cardio is bad, but I think for me, doing 2 hours at a time, isn’t going to do much more than wear me down. I also decided around that time to cut my carbs down to around 60 per day 5 days a week.  I had the right ideas.  I was getting enough calories just didn’t have all the knowledge I needed to get past the weight I always got stuck at.

It’s no secret that I have always been a fan if wrestling.  On my twitter I follow a bunch of wrestlers, and some follow me, it’s fun, I enjoy it.  One of the wrestlers that I follow on there Tyler Reks, Gabe Tuft, was talking about a book he was about to release, Body Spartan: Genesis.  The first third of the book is motivation and the last two thirds is diet and work out information.  The book is truly amazing. I still reread the motivation part frequently.  The diet is a shredding diet, not a lifestyle diet, and my body responded amazingly to it, it’s also the 12 week program I am restarting in 2 weeks, after taking the last 8 weeks to just maintain.  I have followed the cardio plan in the book, but I do my weights differently because I dont have all the options he recommends at the gym I go to, but I follow the basic idea and my friend has tweaked my workouts to make them more efficient.

The book gave me the right tools to make my changes happen, but what I really think made the difference was I am finally doing this for me.  I realized that it order to be the best person I can for my kids… For my family.. For my friends… I had to put me first and do it for me.  If you do it for someone or something else, and you break up… Have a falling out… Plans change.. Would you really stick to it? I know I never did, and in my opinion, if you are doing it for someone else because they demand it… They need to go anyways.

What are your goals? What are you doing it for?