Today’s Adventure

Today’s Adventure…


This was my second time ever shooting and I have improved drastically.  I only had one shot miss the blue person out of about 150.



I have never understood chronically late people.  It is rude.  It is inconsiderate.  It drives me insane especially if I am paying a sitter to spend time with you.  If it happens repeatedly I can almost guarantee that I won’t want to continue to spend time with you.  Of everything, it is probably my biggest pet peeve.

So date 1… We were supposed to go to dinner and bowling.n I was running on limited time, it was a school night and I needed to be able to get the kids to sleep. 45 minutes late.  We went to dinner and grabbed dessert and I was 15ish later than I expected getting home.  Not a huge deal I let it slide because he had a long drive and got stuck at work.  He showed up clean and showered, i was mostly ok with it.

Date 2… We decided we were going to go to a local MiLB game.  We were supposed to leave around 4.  He shows up a few minutes after 5.  We made it to our seats right as the first pitch was thrown out. My second pet peeve is personal cleanliness.  He showed up in a shirt with holes all in it. I should probably mention I am used to dating army guys and officers and I’ve probably been a little spoiled on personal appearance and grooming and such.  I ignored it because he was running late but whatever, they weren’t huge gaping holes just tons of tiny worn ones. Annoyed me but I tried to push past it.

Date 3… He wanted to come over and cook out since I wasn’t supposed to be on my feet with my foot being hurt. He was supposed to come over around 6.  He texts me a few min before 4 says he just got off work, is going home to shower and change and will be leaving. 7:15 he calls and says he just got off at my exit and still has to go to the store. Oh and he didn’t get a chance to shower or change and can he use my shower… Oh and do I have my clippers home from work because he needs a haircut.. Ummmm excuse me?  My mouth about hit the floor.  So I had to haul ass to clean up may bathroom because my kids don’t have a shower curtain in theirs.  He got to my house a little after 8, and was like you seem annoyed.  Yep. Yep I am pretty annoyed.  

On the first date, he asked me my pet peeves, and I told him that tardiness drives me absolutely insane.  He was like oh crap I definitely won’t be late the next time… Yeah that worked well.

So Maybe I Judge

So Maybe I Judge…


Without naming the name of my gym, I go to a gym that boasts no “gymintimidation” or something like that.  They have a fairly strict dress code (no string strapped tanks, no jeans, no flip flops etc)mostly common sense stuff, but obviously people don’t have common sense, and I saw someone in there in flip flops the other day actually… ANYWAYS. They try to keep the extreme body building types out.  They won’t let you carry in a gallon jug of water, if you are caught throwing weights, making a ton of noise, supposedly they will ask you to leave.  I haven’t seem it happen, but then again 99% of people follow the rules.


Normally when I go to the gym I’ll spend an hour and a half to two ish hours in there, and the way I do my work out I have time in between sets, or while I do cardio, to breathe and to people watch.  Now I know I should mind my own workout, but that is incredibly hard to do sometimes.  Certain people call attention to themselves.  Some of them TRY to call attention to themselves. Like this first pet peeve…

Now honestly I’m a bit jealous here.  Everyone has seen this girl.  Looks absolutely perfect, hair may or may not be down, but if it’s up it has some cute braid or twist or something in it.  She HAS to be wearing waterproof make up because it doesn’t smudge.  Now I wear make up to the gym and I come out looking like a clown.  I’d love to be able to work out with my hair down and look like a Dallas cowboy cheerleader, but it’s not going to happen. I will be honest though, I have a little bit if this girl in me.  My hair has to be in a perfect pony tail, or if I’m not doing cardio sometimes I’ll put it in braids or pig tails just to be cute.  I’ve also been known to pointlessly out on a bit of foundation if I am going to the gym with a friend, but I always regret it.


My second frustration is the people who set the incline on the treadmill so high they have to hold on for dear life so that they don’t fly off, and yes, I would laugh.  Hard. 

 Now granted, the people I am talking about REALLY. reeeeeeeaaaaaallly look like they are about to tumble down a hill, but yeah, and honestly, it’s not just the treadmill people, it’s anyone doing anything in a way that is going to hurt themselves.  People that slump over something looking like they are going to pass out.  People who clearly have no clue.  You have to start somewhere I know, but the gym I am a member at offers FREE personal training both individually and as a class AND you can sign up as many times as you want.  There’s no reason to kill yourself in the name of working hard.


Third is another that everyone has seen.  Creepy (old) gym guy.

He is the one that spends 5 minutes on the treadmill, then maybe picks up a barbell lifts it once puts it down and then just sits down to watch all the pretty young things and breathes heavy.  Or he’s actually in shape and thinks he can pick up the 20 something’s by flirting and lifting heavy… Or he thinks it’s flirting to mock me while I am doing steps.  Yeah that kinda ticked me off that day… Either way I haven’t seem him in awhile so hopefully that creepy guy is gone from my gym.. He annoyed everyone there anyways.


A fourth that drives me crazy are the people that use one maybe two machines in the circuit area

Here is the crazy thing about a circuit… ITS A CIRCUIT. You don’t just choose two things and move between the two, you follow the numbers… There is even a sign that tell you that it’s for CIRCUIT USE ONLY. They have machines throughout the whole gym that are exactly the same as a circuit, go use those if you aren’t going to do all 20 stations.  It fumbles up everyone else when you hop back and forth between 8 & 10 because you only want to do shoulders and triceps.  I mean c’mon it moves on a timer and when you work your own agenda it messes everyone else up.


Honestly, I love going to the gym, but I could go on and on with things that drive me nuts there.  Common sense apparently isn’t so common.

One Pin Shy of a Stable Grenade

One Pin Shy of A Stable Grenade


So I thought all was said and done until I was getting ready for the gym this morning, and I got a text.


“Have a good day”

 I told him thanks and to have a good day too and that I was about to go to the gym…

“The more I think about this, the more I think I’m losing interest”


“I really have no idea what you think or anything and that may be the reason.”

“I’m sorry.  I just don’t open up easily… It takes me time. I respect your decision.”

“My decision? I haven’t decided anything!”

*raises eyebrow* at this point I’ve caught on to what in my opinion is basically needy, attention seeking, I want you to beg me behavior.  I refuse to play games like this.  I can’t stand any sort of mental manipulation.  I don’t mind to ass pat for good reason, but I’m not begging you after one date.

“You said you are losing interest”

“I’m not saying I don’t want to talk to you or see you anymore”


“Do you want to continue talking and seeing each other?”

“The message you sent last night bothered me greatly if you want honesty”

“So it’s a no then”

“That’s ok. I don’t know what message you are talking about but it probably doesn’t matter anyway.  I’m sorry I wasted your time. Good luck”

“Ok, you too”

“Honesty is all I ever wanted.  Something I’ll never get though.”

At that point I stopped responding.  It’s pointless.  We could have gone round and round like that for hours and I have better ways to spend my time and energy.  I don’t do very well with needy people.  Honestly I feel like I am needy enough for me and the guy in any sort of relationship.  I deal with needy all day at my job, and at home with the kiddos.  I just don’t have the patience for it one date into a relationship.  After he checked up on me online last night, and pitched an immediate hissy fit because I was “online” but not responding to him (how dare I…), I knew that this wasn’t a relationship that was going to work for me.  In my head I was seeing a crazy clingy guy who was going to want to spend every.single.waking.minute with me, and I need space.  If I feel trapped I’m going to run, and probably get kinda rude.  And most importantly, I don’t beg. Ever.  At least not seriously. If a guy is dumb enough to want or expect me to beg, they aren’t the guy for me… I’m not saying they should beg, but if they think that I NEED to beg them, then they don’t see how turkey awesome and amazing I am, and I deserve better than that… Back to the drawing board!