Why I Use Common Sense

The world would be a better place if everyone used common sense.  Don’t take candy from strangers, don’t get tattoos in the back of a dirty van, and don’t give your real phone number out to some strange dude on the internet that gives you a weird vibe.  So for this purpose I have a texting app that serves a great purpose.  They can text me after they whine that it’s “too hard” to keep replying through the dating service.  It’s great except you can’t send or receive pictures through the app that I use.  


So I started talking to this guy wasn’t totally sure that there would be a connection, for the purpose of this we will call him A, because we wouldn’t want him to be indentified or anything… He swore he doesn’t have a smart phone and his tablet wouldn’t work without the internet and bla bla, so I agreed to texting through the app.  He was all I’m not crazy I’m not a stalker (first clue people, the crazy ones never admit they are crazy nor do they see it.) and wanted my real number, I wouldn’t budge and still gave him the app phone number.  It was close to my kids bed time and he started to blow up my “texts”, giving the benefit of the doubt, I was like “look my kids go to bed at this time every single night.  They come first. Period.”   He of course was oh so sorry his bad and so on.  The rest of the night progressed peacefully with just general chit chat. At some point he wanted to send me some pictures of some work he had done(he is in a hands on mans man type of work) so I gave him one of my e mail addresses. Next day when I was at work all was peaceful, but dead on the nose at the same time the next night beer goes my phone again… Beep beep. Beeep beeep. Beeeeeeep beeeeeeeep. So I ignore it, I go on about my business… Beeeep beep.  At this point I’m like dude. Double u tee eff. So I finally open it up and the rest is best said with pictures.


He went on to message me again and tell me to check my email.  I did, and nothing came until last night.  I’m all about if you got it flaunt it, but please well… I’ll let yLl be the judge on this one as to wether or not he should be using this as a see what you are missing…

He made it easy to edit and cropped his own head off to protect himself, but yeah.  I’m so glad I chose to use my common sense with this one


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