Finally went shopping…

Finally Went Shopping…

I had been putting it off forever, because I know I’m still trying to lose more weight, but I finally went shopping yesterday. I on,y bought a few skirts for work, but I was surprised and excited to see that in most I needed two sizes smaller than I thought I would need. This is the first time I have bought single digit clothing in 12 years, and one of the skirts, which is a bit tight, but fits, is a size I haven’t seen since before senior year of high school.

I didn’t buy any pants because I have these awesome legs that have always had a ton of muscle, and let’s just say my legs need one size larger than my butt and my waist. It will start to even out some on my next cut because I definitely have some weight that can be lost in them, but I love the muscle I have in them. I actually have one pair of jeans that the only reason they don’t fall off is because my legs are so tight in this specific cut.

I’m only up this early because my kids are and I need to get in some cardio. After cardio I have planned this amazing breakfast mentally so if I want it, I better get to working out!


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